Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are you doing the "Row by Row Experience"?

How many of you are working on the "Row by Row" Experience?
It is the newest quilt craze.
It started in New York in 2011, Pennsylvania came on board in 2013, and this year there are 1250 shops across the United States and Ontario.
You can print a list for your state or one you will be visiting and see which shops are participating.
The pattern is free, and a lot of the stores are offering for a fee, the fabric to make their row.
There are also these cool license fabric licence plates you can purchase, also for a small fee.
Each state has a page on Facebook, where you can see what a row looks like for a particular quilt shop.
All skill levels, and type of quilting are represented.
It is a chance to try a block you may have been wanting to, but weren't sure.
Check out their website.
In Illinois there is a shop hop going on for June, July and August. I paired up all the shops on the hop with all the ones doing the Row by Row.  I could kill two birds with one stone.
Grab a couple of friends and hit the road.  You never know what you will find.

As you can see, I have four rows done.  I did these in two days

I am enjoying doing these.  I like the pieced blocks so far.  One that I am working on is tulips to applique.  They are machine appliqued on the shops sample, but I am doing mine by hand.  I can do it faster by hand. 

While on the road, you never know what you will see.  There are some beautiful gardens at some of the shops.
Love those hollyhocks.  Remember making ladies out of the flowers?

Ron and I had a day out.  We went to three shops not far over the Illinois line to Wisconsin.  We came across several barn quilts.

How about this castle? It is Ravenstone Bed and Breadfast!  Who knew.  It is not far from Harvard, Illinois.  I looked it up on the internet and found they have special events and special theme rooms for overnight stays.  We are thinking we may book an overnight stay in the fall.  

Have no idea what the name could be for this barn quilt, but It is so neat.

In Delavan, Wisconsin, we came across this gorgeous house.  Some of the small towns have such beautiful homes.

Then there is the kitty that greets you when you visit a quilt shop.  Kitty's and quilts do seem to go together.

More hollyhocks!

This garden is just my style.  Wild and full of flowers.  The property at this house was so much fun.  There were birdhouses all around, and flowers in gardens, on porches, in baskets in trees.  I love it!

There was weather all around, but we only got a little bit of rain, now and then.
We did visit 5 shops.  The three in Wisconsin, and two in Illinois.  We had such a great time.  Put a few miles on the car, found a fun restaurant for dinner, travel some wonderful back roads, and enjoyed each others company.
A good time was had by all.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Bonnie Hunter quilt tops done

Yea for me!  I have finished two Bonnie Hunter quilt tops.  While I was at my friend Pat's house I finished putting the top together except for the borders.  This quilt was started in 2013 at one of Bonnie's workshop when Prairie Star Quilt Guild in St. Charles, IL had her for a lecture and workshop.  This is totally made from scrap fabrics.  Even the three borders are pieced from scraps.
This past weekend I made it my mission to get the borders on.  Mission accomplished!!

This is Oregon or Bust.  My friend Isabelle in France suggested we make a quilt together.  She picked out the pattern and we got started. We started this in the beginning of 2012.  We each made a total of 50 blocks.  We would make two blocks alike, keep one and send the other.  That way we each have the same blocks.

While I was up North with my friend Pat, I started putting it together.  When I got home I finished the top.  It just needed the borders too.  I got the borders on this one as well last weekend.  I am so pleased that both of these tops are done.
I had purchased a wide back for this one, so it is ready to go to be quilted.
 This is Isabelle's top.  She had her top done way before I did.
It is a bit hard to see, but Isabelle autographed her block on the left, I have autographed mine in the middle.  After we had started our quilts, I had sent Bonnie Hunter two blank muslin patches, and asked if she would be kind enough to sign them.  I had sent Bonnie a self address envelope in the hopes that she would.  She did!  So when I made the block on the right, Bonnie's signature is in mine, and in the one I sent to Isabelle.

I am so pleased that I have been able to finish up these tops.  I have to arrange to have them quilted.  Prairie Star quilt guild is having a quilt show in October, and I would like to have them ready for that.

In other news, this weekend was also productive in that I cleaned up and out my sewing space.  It took two days, but it is reorganized and there is now five bags of patterns, fabric and quilty things to donate.  It feels so nice to be able to walk around in that space.  I even found a few things I had forgotten about.  There are now a few things that won't take a lot of time to complete.  It feels so good.

I have set aside a plastic project box to put projects that need handwork to finish up.  We will be going on a road trip to Buffalo, New York, and Trenton, New Jersey the beginning of August. I have plenty of handwork to do while I am gone.

There will be more things to show soon.  I have been keeping busy.
Have a great rest of the week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Here is the symbol of our freedom on in all is glory!

I took these pictures of the American Bald Eagle while on our trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in June.

Happy 4th of July!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Save Riley Blake Gingham!

You may have heard at "Sew We Quilt" that Madame Samm has heard that Riley Blake Designs may just discontinue producing and selling  their GINGHAM line!
The shock is just not wearing off!
How could they do that??
We must not let this happen.  Where would we get our gingham for projects of quilts, home decor, and wearables??
The pure insanity of not being able to have our GINGHAM.
Join me in purchasing Riley Blake GINGHAM!
Today I was at the International Quilt Festival, here in Chicago. Only one vendor had Riley Blake GINGHAM.
I did purchase some.   I even have a couple of projects in mind.
So join me in purchasing Riley Blake GINGHAM.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have been gone again!

This time we went to Garden, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit our friend Pat.  Pat and I had a wonderful week of sewing and catching up. We have known each other for a long time, and have been sewing buddies forever!  I have had the privilege of watching her children grown up and become wonderful parents to her 13 grandchildren. We have through thick and thin, and live near by each other.
We made hats one day, I have mine on.  Two fat quarters was all it took.
While I was there, I finally got my Bonnie Hunter, Jamestown Landing put together!  Now to work on the borders.  This is one very scrappy quilt.  I love it.

This little red squirrel was visiting us every day.  Pat would have to shoo it from the one bird feeder it kept getting into. I had never seen or at least paid attention to red squirrels before. What a character this one turned out to be.

I made these three tissue holders one day.  

We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan.

One Tuesday it is her day to sew with other quilters in the area down at the recreation hall in town. Pat and Bertha are pinning Pat's Jewel Box quilt. It is always fun meeting up with the quilters.  We all bring our own lunch and enjoy a day of sharing and quilting. I have gotten to know them through the years.

One day Gail came over and we cut out these miniature quilts using Pat's wool scraps.

Three bags that I have made for Pat. She is not one to make this work of projects. I keep her supplied in new bags, and pincushions and whatever's.

I am finally working on putting my Bonnie Hunter, Oregon or Bust that I exchanged blocks with my friend Isabelle in France with. I actually got all but two rows of sashing put on before I left to come home.  It too, just needs borders.  Two quilt tops finished up in one week!  See what you can get done when you get the opportunity to sew with a friend.
Pat finished long arm quilting one quilt, got the binding on it. Finished att the blocks to the Jewel Box, got it pinned and was about 1/3 of the way done quilting it before I left.  Trust me, we get a lot of sewing, talking, and eating done when we do get together.

One Saturday before we came home, we all went to a Pow Wow.  The Upper Peninsula has a lot of Indians. It was an interesting performance. We spent about two hours watching dances and hearing songs.
You just never know what you will get to do. One day we went to Sault Saint Marie to visit two quilt shops, and one on the way in Curtis. The one in Curtis was 5 miles down a dirt road. There were signs as we went down the road telling us there really was a shop.  It was busy when we got to it!!  There was even a sale going on.  What a riot.  We did have a fun day.
It was a great week. I miss being with Pat, Until next time.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our final day Perfect Picnic

Monday June 9
Cherry Blossoms
The Quilting Queen Online
Mad Quilter's Disease
Daisy Days
Buzzing and Bumbling
From My Carolina Home
Sew We Quilt

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and got the chance to go on a picnic.
Today is the last day of our incredible "Plan a Perfect Picnic" hop.
I was truly inspired.  The quilts have been fantastic. I think I want to make everyone of them for my self.
What a great idea for a wedding or shower gift. A Christmas present for your children to use for themselves or with their own children.  How about Grandmother, to have a special picnic with your Grandchildren. It seems that there are a lot of possibilities, from a romantic midnight picnic to a Teddy Bears Picnic.

I have had a lot of fun and hope all of you have too.
Thank you Madame Samm,
Riley Blake and Peterboro Baskets for making this a memorable hop.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday's Perfect Picnic plans

Friday June 6

Ladies this is the last day for this week. I have to say it has been one incredible week. The quilts, the food, games, and all the lovely plans for picnics has been wonderful.
Looks like it is going to be a great weekend.  Time to try out some of those ideas. 
Everyone, have a greet weekend.
See you on Monday.